I produced and directed this video working with Shawn Sergev, motion graphics artist, and Nick Denke, custom music. The video was used to kick off a special event for Terex AWP customers and usher in the keynote speaker. Here’s what my client had to say about the work.

“The video was both exciting and engaging. It embodied the energy and spirit of the event perfectly”
—Mike Samora, Terex AWP Global Director of Marketing

More information about the event from Terex AWP:

Terex AWP hosted the “Genie Up, Over & Beyond” customer conference, a three day event focused on the future of the company and the industry. Presenters and guests traveled from around the globe to the Pacific Northwest region of the United States to see the home of Terex AWP. Attendees had the unique opportunity of hearing from industry experts and seeing first hand the changes that are taking place.

The event commenced with a captivating splash video featuring the many aspects of Terex AWP. Viewers were flown through a world of Genie equipment and shown the values and principles that make the company an industry leader. The video was projected on a large 10 by 15 foot display, embodying the energy of the event and the spirit of the company.

The opening presentation led into a full day conference featuring several noteworthy speakers. Terex Chairman and CEO Ron DeFeo and Terex AWP President Tim Ford presented and answered questions directly to customers. World renowned economist Dr. Barry Asmus served as a conference highlight by speaking about the dynamics of world economies and the affects of the global recession.

Throughout the rest of the event, guests were given the unique opportunity to see new developments in equipment and company operations. Guests experienced the factory floor first hand and learned about the behind the scenes workings of the “Genie Customer Promise”. Terex AWP recognizes that the future of the industry depends on everyone involved, from the manufactures to the equipment operators.

Client: Terex AWP

Services Provided:

  • Executive Producer
  • Creative Management
  • Project Management

  • Production Company: Spiral Productions
  • Producer Director: Phil McCoy
  • Motion Graphics: Shawn Sergev
  • Custom Music: Nick Denke