I have produced quite a number of company meetings over the years. Some meetings were simple and involved coordinating a team to setup staging and a public address system on a schedule that would take us around to a number of local manufacturing facilities. Other meetings were complex and required sophisticated audio visual and crews to deliver carefully crafted messages to local team members with feeds sent to team members around the globe via videoconferencing systems and live streaming over the Internet.

We paid careful attention to sharing important information that was relevant, engaging and sometimes entertaining. Our goal was to create opportunities for leaders to be seen, confirm that they are approachable and business focused, and create a real sense of community.

Meetings have originated here in the Pacific Northwest and at different locations around the world.
I have been privileged to work with some of the best meeting and event managers and audio visual crews on the planet. I would thoroughly enjoy helping you put together a great meeting.

Typical meeting resources requiring planning and/or specifications, contracts and management include:

  • In-room sound, lighting, projection, staging and crew
  • Capture as webcast and format for viewing after the fact over a wide area network
  • Incorporate feeds from remote locations (video conference, Skype, etc.)
  • Graphic design for PowerPoint template and content assembly
  • Produce pre-recorded “stories from the field”
  • Walk-in/out and break music
  • Audience response systems
  • Special presenters and/or entertainment
  • Live streaming to the Internet
  • Meeting space and hospitality

Note: The photos in this post were taken at a Terex Aerial Work Platform team meeting originating in Redmond, WA, featuring a remote feed from London and the entire program streamed live to all team members around the globe.