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It’s rare when a corporate theme song is inspiring and fun and played by team members and their families just because it’s a good song. But that’s what happened with “A New Terex in Town,” a team member penned song that launched a wave of demand for ringtones, sheet music, more songs, and the creation of a band to perform at trade shows and other events.

A New Terex in Town became the theme song to introduce Terex to customers, share holders and team members at meetings and events all over the world. Disks are given away with products sold and heard as the on-hold music on calls to most global facilities.

Several more songs were produced and recorded to support corporate themes including one for the Genie® brand.“Genie Blue” was singled out from over 8,500 entries to receive an Award of Distinction for Best Inspirational Song and Best Production of an Original Song from the Communicator Awards organization.

Client: Terex Corporation

Services Provided:

  • Executive producer
  • Creative management
  • Project management

  • Executive Producer: Phil McCoy
  • Creative Director: Phil McCoy
  • Producer: Geoff Ogle
  • Songwriter: Scott Owyen
  • Inspiration: Tom Bligh
  • Package design: Hansen Belyea