Fluke Thermal Imaging presents: Just another day on the job! This is an action comedy web spot conceived by creative powerhouse Hodgson/Meyers and produced by Spin Creative to propel Fluke’s Thermal Imaging products to instant and widespread acceptance.

Client: Fluke


  • Agency: Hodgson/Meyers
  • Production Company: Spin Creative
  • Director: Matthew Billings
  • Executive Producer: Phil McCoy
  • Producer/Script Supervisor: Phil McCoy
  • Line Producer/1st AD: Kim Schwarzkopf
  • Director of Photography: Chris Towey
  • 1st AC: Ronnie Dennis
  • Gaffer: Kennan Muzzy
  • DIT: Sunshine Whitton
  • Visual Effects: Ian Hubert, Scott Gwin
  • Talent: George Mount
  • Talent: Cliff Lee (Lead Ninja)
  • Stylist: Siobahn Macdona
  • Custom Music: Nick Denke